Volunteers are at the heart of The Open Door Foundation. Typically, a volunteer with the Open Door Foundation contributes time and energy to mentor the children in care homes and orphanages and bring into their lives the attention, care and emotional support that is so essential for a growing child.

The Open Door Foundation helps to connect volunteers to orphanages where they can best make a meaningful contribution. Co-ordinators will provide an orientation to help volunteers understand their roles and responsibilities with respect to the children and the orphanage. The Open Door Foundation has developed guidelines for each of our volunteering interventions that provide training, resources and a sharing of best practices that focus on effectively helping the children.

The ODF co-ordinators will also help identify the most convenient orphanages for each volunteer, taking into consideration location, time preferences and the kind of help the volunteer can provide to the children.

In addition to the co-ordinators, the ODF help desk is also available to support volunteers and address queries on an ongoing a basis. We will also help quantify each volunteer’s impact on the children with whom they work.

If you have the heart and can make the time to help these children build a better future for themselves, fill in a volunteering form and our coordinators will get in touch with you shortly to work out the details.



Stay tuned.



The Open Door Foundation partners with Child Care Homes to provide voluntary services in academics, life skills, health care, and administration.

We currently offer voluntary services at the following child-care centres:

  •         1. RTC Girls Orphanage, Frazer Town, Bangalore
  •         2. St. Patrick’s Boys Home, Museum Road, Bangalore
  •         3. Angels Orphanage, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore
  •         4. Rainbow Home, Wilson Gardens, Bangalore
  •         5. Abhayadhama Boys Home, Whitefield, Bangalore
  •         6. Bosco Mane, Chamrajpet, Bangalore

Today we work with over 600 children across these child care homes. The Open Door Foundation is constantly looking to start new relationships based on our growing volunteer network.

Link to Google Maps with location of orphanages: http://goo.gl/maps/2d9tM