The Open Door Foundation channels and monitors financial contributions towards various essentials like supplementary food, clothing and shelter at the various orphanages and care homes. Your contributions will go a long way in providing comfort and care to the children.


Below is an indicative picture of the overheads per child supported by the Open Door Foundation:


ACADEMIC SUPPORT – Assistance provided to children to aid them in successfully completing their education

Tuition – Covers the school fees for one academic year/ child ₹5000 per year
Uniforms – Providing a set of school uniforms for each child including shoes ₹600 per year
Books & Stationary – Providing a set of mandatory school textbooks as well as other stationary like notebooks and pens required for the academic year ₹400 per year
After-school tutoring  – Supplementary coaching classes to help the children better understand their syllabus and prepare for their exams ₹1000 per year
Science-Math Workshops – Laboratory-style science and math workshops to kindle interest in middle school students using audio visual, experimentation and creating models. Children get to keep the models created – See more ₹900 per month


HEALTHCAREProviding basic healthcare and, if necessary, special medical care to each child

Medical care – A basic health check-up on a bi-annual basis ₹1200 per year

Specialist care –  Follow-up care, if required, which includes dental care, eye and vision care and any other tests or medical care

₹1000 per visit

Child Nutrition – Vitamins, tonics and preventive medication

₹100 per month


EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES AND LIFE SKILLS – Organising workshops and trainings to enhance experiences and broaden horizons

Sports apparel and shoes ₹1,000 per year
Sports equipment –  Includes all materials and equipment for games and sporting activities ₹500 per year
Recreational supplies –  Includes supplies for Arts and Craft sessions, workshops and excursions ₹500 per year
Computers ₹10,000 per unit


ESSENTIALS – Financial support towards providing supplementary food, clothing and shelter


Food ₹2,500 per month
Blanket ₹200 per unit
Sweater ₹200 per unit
Consumerables – Includes toiletries like soaps and toothpaste ₹200 per month



At this time, the Open Door Foundation can only accept donations in Indian Rupees.  A receipt for the entire donation amount will be sent to each supporter.


You can make your donation through any of the following modes:

Cheque: Mail your donation cheques to The Open Door Foundation, #176, 5th Main, Defence Colony, Indiranagar, Bangalore 560 038.


Bank Transfer:  Please email us at for our bank details or call us on +91 80 4093 3081.


By Cash: Small donations (less than Rs. 10,000) may be made in cash. Please contact us for pick-up details.


PayTM: You can make a contribution towards the Open Door Foundation via Paytm by clicking the button below:




All donations made to the Open Door Foundation are eligible for tax exemption under section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act.



At this time, The Open Door Foundation is looking for:

  1. Volunteers who can work with the orphans to provide:
    1. After school tuitions
    2. Extra-curiicular and sporting skills
    3. Child counselling
    4. Medical services


  1. Volunteers who will work with the orphanage administration to help with:
    1. record keeping (may involve some field work)
    2. basic computer training


  2. The Open Door Foundation is also looking for professionals help it develop the NGO in the following area:
    1. Marketing interns
    2. Writer / editor

If you would like to work with The Open Door Foundation please feel out the volunteer form.