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We’ve partnered with Radio Indigo to help make the lives of the children that don’t have access to basic necessities, better. Support these kids with a contribution and bring out the best in them!

An Open Door to a Better Future

The Open Door Foundation is dedicated to creating a better future for children living in orphanages and child-care homes in India.

Who Are We?

The Open Door Foundation is a registered non-profit comprised of committed individuals who aim to provide meaningful support towards the education and healthcare of orphans and underprivileged children.

Our History

Learn more about how The Open Door Foundation came about.


We ensure proper healthcare and medical attention to the kids at our child care homes including immunization, preventive care, intervention treatments, dental care, regular health check ups and eye care.


Providing after school tuition and setting up computer facilities. Providing financial support for school tuition fees and essentials like uniforms, accessories and books.

Extracurricular Activities

Providing opportunities in the fields of sports, arts, vocational guidance and mentoring.

Donate Now

Your donations go towards running programs and expenses that directly benefit the children. We don’t give money to the orphanages.

All donations are tax exempt under 80(G) of the Indian I.T. Act.

Administrative Support

The Open Door Foundation aims to provide the orphanage management with the support they require to ensure the smooth functioning of the institution, thereby guaranteeing a better quality of life for the children. We provide food and clothing supplies along with providing supplementary shelters.

Volunteer With Us

The best way to help The Open Door Foundation is to volunteer with us.


We mentor and enable volunteers who share this dream, and connect them with children who have little access to quality education, healthcare or emotional support. Through our efforts, we aim to provide the children with a range of support that includes supplementary study sessions for their academics, extra-curricular activities, vocational and training sessions,  healthcare services and essentials – food, clothing, shelter and consumerables that are necessary for a healthy, safe and supportive environment, thus enabling them to create a better future for themselves.


We call this ‘Creating Equal Opportunities’.


The Open Door Foundation currently engages with over 700 children in seven child-care institutions across Bangalore through a network of over 100 volunteers.


In simple terms, we support and mentor children by providing them with essentials like food, clothing, and shelter, along with attention, care and emotional support that is so important in a child’s life.



Our engagement with children ranges from providing academic support in the form of study sessions to organising extra-curricular activities, providing health services through medical camps or imparting life-skills through creative and vocational workshops and classes, as well as supplementary support for essentials like food, clothing and shelter.



At the heart of the Open Door Foundation is a dedicated team of volunteers who give of their time, skills and effort to make a difference in the lives of the children with whom they work. They come from different walks of life – professionals, teachers, medical care-givers – united in their desire to make a difference in a child’s life.



Our programs are developed and delivered by our volunteers with financial support from donor contributions. The objective of these programmes is to Create Equal Opportunities – develop healthy, well-rounded and educated children who are equipped to go out into the world as young adults.


Naresh D'Mello

Naresh D'Mello

Managing Trustee

Naresh is part of the team that founded The Open Door Foundation. He has been responsible for developing the programmes, forging NGO and corporate partnerships and building relationships with several of the orphanages that the Open Door Foundation works with at present.

Nisha DeSouza

Nisha DeSouza

Orphanage Coordinator

Nisha DeSouza, joined The Open Door Foundation, as Orphanage Co-ordinator and Volunteer at one of the partner Orphanages from the very beginning.

Dr. Moin Shaikh

Dr. Moin Shaikh

Trustee & Medical Director

Moin joined The Open Door Foundation team in its early days when he moved to Bangalore on sabbatical from a large Seattle-based medical center. With a background in medicine, he was the perfect person to oversee the healthcare aspect of the Open Door Foundation’s work.



The Open Door Foundation, #176, 5th Main Defence Colony, Indiranagar, Bangalore 560 038. Phone: 080 4093 3081