An Open Door to a Better Future

The Open Door Foundation is dedicated to creating a better future for children living in orphanages and child-care homes in India.

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Who Are We?

The Open Door Foundation is a registered non-profit comprised of committed individuals who aim to provide meaningful support towards the education and healthcare of orphans and underprivileged children.

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Our History

Learn more about how The Open Door Foundation came about.

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We ensure proper healthcare and medical attention to the kids at our child care homes including immunization, preventive care, intervention treatments, dental care, regular health check ups and eye care.


Providing after school tuition and setting up computer facilities.

Extracurricular Activities

Providing opportunities in the fields of sports, arts, vocational guidance and mentoring.

Administrative Support

The Open Door Foundation aims to provide the orphanage management with the support they require to ensure the smooth functioning of the institution, thereby guaranteeing a better quality of life for the children.

Providing Supplies

We provide food and clothing supplies along with providing supplementary shelters.

Financial Support

Providing academic financial support to the kids where required.